Sweat lodge, wood and Mother Earth.

To facilitate a sweat lodge, among other things, wood is required for heating the stones. Wood that comes from trees. And although our wood supply is definitely not from ‘felling’, we take ‘something’ that is from mother earth.

Trees that are so loved by us but also needed (wood) to facilitate a sweat lodge. “Work” which can bring healing on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. Important “work” that is put into the world.

Twannie van Weerde sweat lodges & coaching has decided to give back to mother earth what we “use” from her. We plant one or two trees back for each sweat lodge that we facilitate.

We are going to do this in collaboration with an environmental organization. This organization is open for collaboration with us. To be continued!

For now, the first trees will be planted. These are fruit trees. We want to try planting a variety of trees.